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Every once in a while, wildflowers will sprout en masse in the California desert. Known as a SUPERBLOOM, this phenomenon paints lush colors across a traditionally arid and barren landscape. The emergence and evolution of Silent Planet mirrors this phenomenon. Since 2009, the quartet—Garrett Russell [vocals, guitar], Mitchell Stark [guitar], Alex Camerena [drums], and Nick Pocock [bass]—have set themselves apart in the realm of heavy music. Amplifying hypnotic hooks across alternately raw and rich soundscapes steeped in hardcore, post-rock, metal, and ambient textures, the award-winning group has generated tens of millions of streams and earned tastemaker praise.


Silent Planet has consistently transfixed a diehard fanbase. They dropped a string of acclaimed albums, including The Night God Slept [2014], Everything Was Sound [2016], When The End Began [2018], and Iridescent [2021]—which Hysteria hailed as “a vulnerable and emotional LP.” They notably took home “Best Underground Band” at the 2017 APMAs and toured with the likes of Motionless In White, August Burns Red, Beartooth, and The Contortionist.


“Our mantra has always been, ‘Trade your certainty for awe.' SUPERBLOOM is an extension of that. We got a second chance at life—everything seems so tame in comparison to almost dying. We want to take the hope we received from our community and make the most of it. We’re not alone, and we now understand that in more ways than our previous paradigms ever would have allowed for."




  • Supported tours for Motionless In White, Beartooth, Dayseeker, Northlane and more.
  • Pandemic live stream had over 20,000 paid attendees and in a field study for digital concerts was ranked in the top 10 amongst the entire industry.
  • Antimatter has accumulated over 10 million streams in under a year of being released marking the bands most successful release.



Silent Planet Experiment With Synth Infused Post-Metalcore Single ‘Antimatter’ - Wall of Sound

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  • US Support: Dayseeker - May ‘24
  • US Support: The Devil Wears Prada - Oct ‘24
  • EU/UK Headline - Jan ‘25




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